History of Crypto Casinos


Casino platforms providing crypto options aren’t something new. In fact, they’ve been providing games and Bitcoin options for players for quite some time now. However, it’s only in more recent years that they have become popular with players. Crypto gaming has therefore gone through quite the revolution of its own.


It was around 2016 that things really started picking up for online Bitcoin casino gambling sites. After various issues were rising with people in countries like the USA being able to make deposits into their chosen casino, cryptocurrency sort of provided an alternative route to take. Not only could games be played and first deposit bonus rewards be incorporated, but speedy withdrawals could also be experienced with such.


Upon realising this, many casino sites opted to include Bitcoin and other digital currencies into their cashiers, so that more players could engage in gaming successfully. It was for this reason that bonus offers were also set up for Bitcoin users at such Bitcoin casinos. These catered specifically to those gamblers, ensuring that the casino also obtained a high rating from various sources.


With Bitcoin solving those payment issues that many people had experienced, provably fair games could be played by more bettors. Such digital currency gaming grew in popularity quite swiftly as a result, with more and more casino gaming sites encouraging the uptake of Bitcoin options. After all, when gaming, don’t we all want to experience lightning-fast deposits and withdrawals? Why wouldn’t a casino offering such get a high rating from all those people getting to experience it?


While Bitcoin casino games sites started out as quite a minimal selection, it has since grown to incorporate a large number of brands. And whether they allow players to utilise one of a large number of digital currencies for their gaming needs or if they can only use Bitcoin, it still marks quite the step for online casino platforms. With free spins, bonuses, VIP schemes and other rewards also being provided at these Bitcoin sites, there’s also little wonder that they continue to grow in their popularity with gamers.

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