Top Crypto Portfolio Trackers Revolutionize Investment Management


Looking for a better way to manage your cryptocurrency investments? Look no further! These top crypto portfolio trackers are revolutionizing investment management. With powerful features and benefits, they help you stay on top of your portfolio and make informed trading decisions. Designed for all types of traders, these platforms offer an easy-to-use interface that displays your portfolio’s total value at a glance. Trade all your coins in one place, link with wallets and exchanges, and even execute trades directly on some platforms. Take your investments to the next level with these trackers.

CoinStats: Comprehensive Portfolio Management

Manage your cryptocurrency, DeFi, and NFT portfolios all in one place with CoinStats. This comprehensive portfolio management tool supports the management of various portfolios, offering extensive support for wallets and exchanges. With the free plan, you can enjoy up to 1,000 transactions and connect up to 10 portfolios. Upgrade to the premium plan for unlimited connected portfolios, up to 1,000,000 transactions, and an ad-free experience. CoinStats boasts over 1.2 million users and has managed portfolios worth over $100 billion. Its user-friendly interface and robust features make it a top choice for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Keep track of your investments, monitor market trends, and stay on top of your portfolio with CoinStats.

Delta Investment Tracker: On-the-go Portfolio Tracking

Track your cryptocurrency investments on the go with Delta Investment Tracker, providing convenient and seamless portfolio tracking. With Delta, you can easily monitor your portfolio anytime, anywhere, without sacrificing functionality. This powerful tracker supports over 7,000 tokens and more than 300 exchanges, giving you comprehensive coverage of the cryptocurrency market. But Delta doesn’t stop there – it also allows you to track stocks, ETFs, and other investments alongside your crypto holdings, providing a holistic view of your portfolio. Pricing is displayed in your local currency, making it easy to understand and manage. Additionally, Delta offers the ability to sync up to 5 devices for collaboration or client support, ensuring that you have access to your portfolio across multiple platforms. Stay on top of your investments with Delta Investment Tracker.

Domain Money: Tailored Portfolios for Individual Goals

With Domain Money, you can create tailored portfolios based on your individual goals, allowing you to diversify your investments and make informed decisions. Domain Money offers different portfolio options to cater to your specific investment needs. If you’re interested in crypto assets, Domain Edge provides exposure to this market. On the other hand, if you want to focus on companies in the crypto space, Domain Core is the option for you. If you’re looking for a combination of innovative projects and stocks, Domain Balanced is a suitable choice. Lastly, if you want to explore the NFT space, Domain Metaverse offers exposure to this emerging market. By choosing a portfolio that aligns with your goals, you can optimize your investment strategy and potentially achieve better returns.

Covey: Virtual Portfolio Creation and Collaboration

Create a virtual portfolio and collaborate with a community of analysts for valuable insights with Covey. This platform allows you to track your virtual crypto investments across multiple markets. With Covey, you can gain access to a community of analysts who can provide you with valuable insights and recommendations. It is free to create an online portfolio on Covey, making it suitable for cryptocurrency traders and investors of all levels. By collaborating with other experts in the field, you can stay updated on the latest trends and make informed investment decisions. Covey provides a user-friendly interface and a seamless experience for managing your virtual portfolio. Take advantage of this innovative tool to optimize your crypto investment management.

Accointing: Precise Figures and Tax Assistance

Get precise figures and expert tax assistance for your crypto portfolio with Accointing. Accointing is a leading crypto portfolio tracker that offers a range of features to help you manage your investments and navigate the complexities of crypto taxes. Here’s how Accointing can revolutionize your investment management:

  1. Accurate figures: Accointing provides precise figures for your crypto portfolio, ensuring that you have accurate information about your holdings and their value. This allows you to make informed investment decisions and track the performance of your assets effectively.

  2. Tax report generation: Accointing offers comprehensive tax report generation, making it easier for you to comply with tax regulations and file your crypto taxes. With Accointing, you can generate detailed tax reports that include all necessary information for accurate reporting.

  3. Free tax report for up to 25 transactions: Accointing offers a free tax report for up to 25 transactions, allowing you to test out the platform and see the benefits of its tax assistance features. This is particularly useful for smaller investors or those who are just starting out in the crypto space.

  4. Tiered pricing based on the number of transactions: Accointing offers tiered pricing based on the number of transactions you have in your portfolio. This allows you to choose a plan that best fits your needs and budget, ensuring that you have access to the features you require without paying for unnecessary extras.

With Accointing, you can gain precise figures for your crypto portfolio and receive expert tax assistance, making it a valuable tool for managing your investments and ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

Altfins: Active Learning for Altcoin Traders

You can actively learn and trade altcoins with Altfins, a top crypto portfolio tracker. Altfins is specifically designed for altcoin traders and offers a range of features to enhance your trading experience. With Altfins, you have access to 60 analytics, including RSI and MA indicators, to help you make informed trading decisions. The platform also provides a crypto screener, allowing you to set criteria and receive alerts when specific conditions are met. This can be particularly useful for identifying potential trading opportunities. Additionally, Altfins assists with diversification by helping you find crypto-friendly platforms and exchanges. By using Altfins, you can stay on top of the altcoin market and actively manage your altcoin portfolio with ease.

InvestorsObserver: All-in-one Investment Information

With InvestorsObserver, gain access to all-in-one investment information for informed trades and comprehensive portfolio management. Here’s why InvestorsObserver is the best choice for all your investment needs:

  1. Three Plans: InvestorsObserver offers three plans to cater to different needs and budgets, ranging from free to $9.97 per month. Choose the plan that suits you best and unlock a world of investment information.

  2. Quality Information: InvestorsObserver provides top-notch investment information to help you make informed trades. Stay updated with market trends, track financial goals, and analyze financial documents effortlessly.

  3. Integration and Reports: InvestorsObserver seamlessly integrates with various financial platforms, allowing you to consolidate your investment data in one place. Generate comprehensive reports to gain valuable insights into your portfolio performance.

  4. Financial Analysis: InvestorsObserver goes beyond tracking and offers robust financial analysis tools. Analyze stocks, options, and other financial instruments to make well-informed investment decisions.

With InvestorsObserver, you have everything you need for successful investment management at your fingertips.

AssetDash: Holistic Portfolio Review

AssetDash provides a comprehensive review of your portfolio, including crypto, NFTs, and other investments, all in one place. With AssetDash, you can easily track the performance and value of your entire portfolio, making it easier to make informed investment decisions. The platform connects to major exchanges like Binance, Robinhood, and Coinbase, allowing you to seamlessly sync your holdings and transactions. AssetDash also offers a powerful mobile app, giving you the flexibility to monitor your portfolio on the go. Additionally, AssetDash provides affordable pricing options, making it accessible to both casual investors and seasoned traders. With its holistic approach to portfolio review, AssetDash is a valuable tool for managing and optimizing your investments.

The Crypto App: Customizable Portfolio Tracking

Now let’s delve into the topic of customizable portfolio tracking with The Crypto App. Here are some key features that make The Crypto App a top choice for managing your crypto investments:

  1. Customizable crypto watch lists: The Crypto App allows you to create personalized watch lists, enabling you to track the specific coins and tokens that you are interested in. This feature ensures that you have easy access to the information that matters most to you.

  2. Dynamic overviews of coin performance: With The Crypto App, you can view dynamic overviews of the performance of different coins. This feature provides you with real-time data on price changes, market trends, and other important metrics, allowing you to make informed investment decisions.

  3. Proprietary token and market insights: The Crypto App offers proprietary insights on tokens and market trends. By leveraging these insights, you can gain a deeper understanding of the crypto market and potentially identify profitable investment opportunities.

  4. Real-time portfolio tracking: The Crypto App enables you to track your portfolio in real-time. This means that you can stay updated on the value and performance of your investments at any given moment. Real-time tracking is crucial for making timely decisions and maximizing your investment returns.

With its customizable features, dynamic overviews, proprietary insights, and real-time tracking, The Crypto App provides a comprehensive solution for managing and tracking your crypto portfolio.

Sharesight: International Investors’ Choice

Why is Sharesight the top choice for international investors when it comes to crypto portfolio tracking? Sharesight stands out as the preferred option for international investors due to its access to 40 worldwide exchanges, allowing investors to track their portfolios across various markets. With Sharesight, investors can monitor the performance of eight different cryptocurrencies, including popular ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. The platform ensures accuracy by providing updated prices every five minutes through the Open Exchange Rates API. Additionally, Sharesight offers performance and tax reporting features, enabling investors to gain insights into their portfolio’s growth and manage their tax obligations effectively. The table below provides a comprehensive overview of Sharesight’s features for international investors:

Sharesight Features for International Investors
Access to 40 worldwide exchanges
Track 8 different cryptocurrencies
Updated prices every 5 minutes through Open Exchange Rates API
Performance and tax reporting features

Sharesight’s combination of global exchange coverage, cryptocurrency tracking capabilities, real-time pricing data, and reporting features make it the top choice for international investors seeking reliable and comprehensive crypto portfolio tracking.

Powerful Features of The Crypto App

The powerful features of The Crypto App enhance investment management by providing advanced charting, portfolio management, customizable widgets, real-time alerts, and a personalized news feed.

Here are four key features of The Crypto App:

  1. Advanced charting: The Crypto App offers robust charting capabilities, allowing you to analyze the performance of different cryptocurrencies over time. This feature helps you make informed investment decisions based on historical price data and technical indicators.

  2. Portfolio management: With The Crypto App, you can easily manage your crypto portfolio by centralizing data from multiple wallets and exchanges. This feature provides a comprehensive overview of your holdings, allowing you to track your asset allocation and monitor your portfolio’s performance.

  3. Customizable widgets: The Crypto App offers customizable widgets that allow you to conveniently check your portfolio’s performance from your home screen. You can tailor these widgets to display the specific information you want, such as total portfolio value or individual coin prices.

  4. Real-time alerts: Stay updated with the market through real-time alerts provided by The Crypto App. You can set up alerts for price movements, volume changes, or news events, ensuring that you never miss out on important developments in the crypto market.

The Crypto App’s powerful features make it an essential tool for crypto investors looking to effectively manage their portfolios and stay ahead of the market.

Performance Tracking With Altrady

To track the performance of your crypto investments, you can utilize Altrady’s performance tracking feature. Altrady is an all-in-one platform for trading, market monitoring, and asset management. With its portfolio manager, you can easily track the growth of your assets across different exchange wallets. The platform also offers a trading terminal, allowing you to buy and sell crypto on multiple exchanges. Altrady provides a long trial period, giving you ample time to explore and learn more about the app. One notable feature of Altrady is the ability to compare asset performance, enabling you to make informed trading decisions. It is an essential tool for any crypto investor looking to monitor and analyze their portfolio effectively.

Features Description Benefits
Portfolio Manager Track asset growth in different exchange wallets Monitor the performance of your investments
Trading Terminal Buy and sell crypto on multiple exchanges Execute trades quickly and efficiently
Long Trial Period Ample time to explore and learn about the app Evaluate the app’s features before committing
Asset Performance Comparison Compare the performance of different assets Make informed trading decisions

Tracking Your Portfolio With Cova

Track your portfolio with Cova, a smart asset register that allows you to conveniently track both traditional and digital assets in one place. With Cova, you can streamline your investment management and gain a comprehensive view of your financial situation. Here’s how Cova can benefit you:

  1. Collaboration with online brokerages, exchanges, and financial professionals: Cova enables seamless integration with various platforms, allowing you to track and manage your assets across multiple accounts.

  2. Set up beneficiaries with the Lifecheck feature for secure fund access: Cova prioritizes the security of your funds by providing a feature that allows you to designate beneficiaries who can access your assets in case of emergencies.

  3. Track liabilities like credit cards and loans: Cova goes beyond traditional asset tracking by also allowing you to monitor your liabilities, providing a holistic view of your financial health.

  4. Document management for financial organization: With Cova, you can easily organize and manage your financial documents, ensuring that important information is readily accessible when needed.

Cova offers a comprehensive solution for tracking and managing your portfolio, making it an ideal choice for cryptocurrency traders and investors.

What Is a Crypto Portfolio Tracker

A crypto portfolio tracker is an essential tool for managing your investments and tracking the value changes of your cryptocurrency assets. It is a platform that links with your wallets and exchanges to provide comprehensive portfolio management. Whether you are a large-scale trader or a crypto investor, a portfolio tracker can help you stay organized and make informed decisions. Some trackers even function as trading platforms, allowing you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly. However, it is advisable to use an external wallet and tracker for long-term investment safety. When choosing a crypto portfolio tracker, look for a clean and clear layout that displays the total value of your portfolio with ease. Additionally, consider a tracker that supports a wide range of coins and exchanges, providing a one-stop shop for all your assets.

Tips for Choosing a Crypto Portfolio Tracker

When choosing a crypto portfolio tracker, consider these tips to find the best platform for managing your investments:

  1. Clean and Clear Layout: Look for a tracker with a crisp, clean layout that displays the total value of your portfolio on the front page or with just a few clicks. A clean layout saves time, reduces stress, and minimizes eye strain.

  2. Wide Range of Available Coins and Exchanges: Choose a crypto portfolio tracker that connects with all your coins and exchanges. Look for platforms that offer a wide variety of coin offerings, allowing you to trade all your coins in one place and eliminating the need for multiple exchanges and passwords.

  3. User-Friendly Mobile App: Opt for a tracker that offers an easy-to-use mobile app for convenient access on your phone. A user-friendly app allows you to manage your portfolio on the go, keeping you updated and in control at all times.

  4. Security and Privacy: Prioritize a tracker that places a strong emphasis on security and privacy. Ensure that the platform integrates with secure wallets and exchanges, and consider using an exterior wallet and tracker for added long-term investment safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can a Crypto Portfolio Tracker Help With Tax Reporting?

A crypto portfolio tracker can help with tax reporting by automatically generating tax reports based on your transactions. It simplifies the process, ensures accuracy, and saves time when preparing your taxes.

Can a Crypto Portfolio Tracker Track Investments in Stocks and ETFs Along With Crypto?

Yes, a crypto portfolio tracker can track investments in stocks and ETFs along with crypto. It allows you to manage and monitor all your investments in one place for a comprehensive view of your portfolio.

Are There Any Crypto Portfolio Trackers That Offer Exposure to the NFT Space?

Yes, there are crypto portfolio trackers that offer exposure to the NFT space. These trackers allow you to manage your NFT investments along with your other crypto assets, providing a comprehensive view of your portfolio.

Which Crypto Portfolio Tracker Allows Collaboration With Analysts for Insights?

Covey allows you to collaborate with analysts for insights on your crypto portfolio. You can create a virtual portfolio, track investments across multiple markets, and access a community of experts.

Is There a Crypto Portfolio Tracker That Offers a Free Tax Report for a Limited Number of Transactions?

Yes, Accointing is a crypto portfolio tracker that offers a free tax report for up to 25 transactions. It’s best for precise figures and helps with taxes, with tiered pricing based on transaction volume.