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The Best Bitcoin Casinos Available Online – Updated for 2023

Bitcoin casinos are becoming much more widespread today, and that can only be a good thing for the gaming world.

After all, it’s always good to have an alternative way to deposit at your favourite platforms, and with some countries making it difficult to do this, a Bitcoin casino could provide a route towards participating in gaming for players in such locations. While cryptocurrency casinos have been available for a short while now, they’re still gaining traction, and it’s important to highlight these sites for anyone wanting to involve themselve in Bitcoin casino gaming. That’s why we’re here – to ensure that you know everything about Bitcoin gaming, the sites that provide it, their inbuilt features and where to find the very best Bitcoin casinos.

So, it may be poignant to first of all give you a bit of background detail on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as how we at Cryptsy proceed with reviewing the sites offering gaming possibilities. So, we’ll le you know precisely what we look for in online Bitcoin casinos, and what pros and cons they have etc.

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What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the world’s most-known digital currency (or cryptocurrency, if you prefer). While other cryptocurrencies have become available in the proceeding years since its release, Bitcoin was the original, launching back in January of 2009. It became such a popular asset for people to own because it didn’t have any attachment to a central financial insitute. Unlike standard fiat currencies which are very much centralised by banks and the like, cryptocurrencies have a decentralised nature to them, meaning that they’re kept in check by computers on the network.

At the time that Bitcoin was launched, it was probably unclear as to how popular it would become. Yet, over the years, more and more people have chosen to purchase the digital currency in a bid to use it for buying items online, paying other people and today, even depositing at gaming sites and playing casino games online. There are various others perks to being in possession of a cryptocurrency and using it at an online casino, including the following facts:

  • It’s a lot safer than standard payment methods
  • It provides instant transactions, both for depositing and withdrawing purposes
  • Users are able to transact anonymously
  • It provides players from restricted countries with the possibility of playing at online casinos
  • Unlike standard currencies, Bitcoin is not subject to taxation for the moment

Bitcoin transactions are verified by network nodes through cryptography and recorded in what is known as the blockchain – a public distributed ledger. Basically, people on the network will verify the transaction for you, rather than it going through a centralised financial institution. It is the simplicity and security that Bitcoin brings to users that have led to it becoming more and more available to use at online casino sites. Let’s take a closer look a those perks of using Bitcoin.


Safety and Security

It’s always important for us, as gamers, to know that we’re not only playing in a safe environment, but that the casino is providing us with a provably fair setup, too. This doesn’t just mean provably fair games, but fairness when it comes to transactions, too. While a site’s licence status will dictate this partially, it’s also ideal to make use of Bitcoin for this, because it automatically provides you with a secure payment method to utilise. Each time you make a payment with the cryptocurrency, it promises to provide you with complete anonymity. Therefore, none of your personal details are displayed to the casino or any potential third party hackers. This is due to the fact that the only necessity for making a Bitcoin deposit is the address of the wallet that the funds are being sent to, rather than extra details such as those found with card and e-wallet deposits.


Instant Transactions

While in general, many payment methods will allow you to make a deposit straight away, when it comes to making withdrawals, there usually tends to be a longer waiting period. This is not the case with using Bitcoin. Instead, the funds will be transferred instantly to you when depositing and withdrawing. Generally speaking, all casino sites have a pending period for withdrawal requests to go through. Yet, once this has completed, it can take up to five days for standard card or bank transfer withdrawals to reach you. There won’t be any of that waiting around as far as a cryptocurrency is concerned.


Casino Bonus Offers

For a long time, players from countries with strict gambling laws haven’t been able to register, deposit and claim special offers from casino sites. This is mainly due to the fact that the standard depositing methods are either blocked or banned entirely. Fortunately, with Bitcoin not having any attachment to a central financial institution, there’s little to stop it being used for online transactions of this nature. At the same time, many casino platforms that accept Bitcoin have also created specific bonus rewards for users of such. This works as quite the enticing perk when seeking out a new location to utilise your Bitcoin at, and it also ensures that digital currency users don’t miss out on receiving a deposit bonus, for example.

What is the Best Bitcoin Casino (and How Do We Find Them)?

There are various online casinos that accept Bitcoin transactions, and many of these could potentially be considered the best one. A Bitcoin casino that works ideally for one player may not necessarily provide the best experience for another. That’s why we have taken it upon ourselves to review such casino sites ourselves, bringing all the information to you, our visitors, right here. This way, you can browse through the reviews and locate the best Bitcoin casino for you.

So, what exactly do we seek out from online casinos offering Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals to their members. What makes them one of the best to access? Well, there are various features that we look out for when creating our reviews. These include making sure that the casino in question holds at least one respectable gambling licence to ensure safety, security and fairness is in operation. If a casino isn’t licensed, then it’s essentially able to do whatever it wants with your account details, the money you deposit and the withdrawals that you request. So, it’s vital for us to ensure that you’re getting the safest Bitcoin casino gambling experience from the site that you sign up to and play at, with provably fair games. If a casino isn’t licensed and regulated, it’s probably a good idea to avoid it.

gambling licence

In addition to that, we want to make sure that you’re also getting your pick of the best games. It’s all fine and well signing up to an online casino because it caters to your Bitcoin depositing needs, but if that site doesn’t have a good selection of games within its lobby, the likelihood is that you’re going to get bored of playing the same thing over and over again. So, there needs to be a diverse game lobby in effect, providing slot games, video poker games, live casino options, blackjack, roulette and more. Diversity is the key word that needs to be put across here. There should be a range of games. Bitcoin gamers need just as much choice as players who utilise standard payment methods to fund their accounts. Fortunately, more and more software developers are now creating their titles so as to allow Bitcoin users to play games in the digital currency.

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When we’re reviewing a Bitcoin casino, we also look out for how easy the process of withdrawing funds from your account is. Some platforms can tend to stall on releasing money from your account, even though there’s clearly no reason for them to do so. It’s relevant, in this case, to locate an online casino that doesn’t have a pending period of longer than 24 hours. Bitcoin withdrawals are usually instant once the pending period is over, so if you’re having to wait two, three or more days to get your money out, then it’s not one of the best Bitcoin casinos to be registered at.

Something else that we look for when we’re creating these reviews, is whether or not the casino has a good selection of bonuses and promotions to take advantage of when you register. Granted, not everybody wants to be the recipient of a bonus offer, and that’s fine. But if the option is there to receive one, this makes it much more appealing. Whether that comes in the form of a standard welcome bonus or if it occurs as an ongoing reload bonus or if you’re able to claim free spins, it really doesn’t matter. Again, diversity is probably the key word to remember here. As long as there is a good selection of online bonus offers and exciting promotions to claim, the casino stands out as being a inviting one.

The best Bitcoin casino will also have an approachable customer support team on hand to assist with any queries or problems you may have. Of course, it’s always hopeful that a gaming session will proceed without any issues. But, if you do come across any problems, there should be a good FAQ section in place and a friendly customer support team to contact. Advisors should be contactable in more than one way too, so live chat, telephone support, email and even social media platforms should be usable for this.


Coming into Possession of Bitcoin

Now, while standard fiat currency can be earned in daily life by working and being paid for it, that’s not often the same for Bitcoin. Generally speaking, if you don’t already possess some of the cryptocurrency, you’ll need to purchase some of it. So, how do you go about doing this? Well, you need to visit an online exchange that provides the currency and there, you’ll basically swap some of your standard money for Bitcoin cryptocurrency. There is a number of online exchanges that provide the possibility of buying Bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash and more.

Once you have located an online exchange that supports the cryptocurrency you would like to buy, you need to decide how much you would like to own. While the price for it should be fairly level across the board, cryptocurrencies can be quite volatile overall, so it’s important to buy it when you think the price is right. The sign for Bitcoin is BTC, but there are lower denominations than this, which go by the term mBTC. So, if you don’t want to buy 5 BTC or 1 BTC, for example, you may have the possibility of purchasing a lower amount.

Upon completing the exchange, it’s vital that your cryptocurrency is kept in a secure wallet. This is true regardless of whether you’re buying Bitcoin or Ethereum, Litecoin etc. A variety of wallets for your digital currency are available to make use of, but the safest of them are ones that aren’t connected the internet at all times. You’ll find wallets that operate in exactly the same way as an external hard drive, in the sense that you connect them to your computer when you want to deposit at your chosen casino and then remove them again once the transaction has been completed. These are exceptionally safe in comparison to standard wallets offered by exchanges, for example. That’s because while connected to the internet, they stand more chance of being hacked into by others. Mobile wallets are also available for those people who wish to play via smartphones or tablets. Alas, these are also always going to be connected to the internet as long as your device is linked up through Wi-Fi or 4G/5G technology.

How to Proceed with Depositing Using Bitcoin

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Once you have your Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency, you can proceed with making a first deposit at your chosen online casino. Naturally, you’ll need to have registered at the casino first, but that shouldn’t take longer than a couple of minutes to complete. From there, you simply need to navigate to the cashier page and select the Bitcoin option as your preferred payment method. At this point, the casino will provide you with a unique web address for your account in specific.

two 1

You’ll then need to navigate to your own Bitcoin wallet and copy and paste that unqiue web address into the relevant box. That can be found in the section for sending Bitcoin. Your next step is to decide how much you would like to deposit into the Bitcoin casino. So, you can enter whole amounts, such as 2 BTC or 5 BTC, for example. Alternatively, if you’d like to deposit a lower figure, you should be able to enter something like 5 mBTC, just as another example. Be sure to check out the casino’s terms and conditions relating to the minimum deposit necessary. Keep in mind that the minimum first deposit may be a different figure to the standard deposit minimum.

three 1

Proceed onwards with the transaction and you should see the Bitcoin transferred from your wallet into your casino account within seconds. This way, you can start playing the games on offer straight away, too. Additionally, it’s important to know how first deposit bonus offers work, because these could be applied automatically at the time of your first deposit going through. Alternatively, you may be required to enter a specific code into the cashier page’s bonus box to receive such. Plus, if you’re not interested in receiving a welcome bonus, then you’ll need to follow the steps to ensure that you don’t have such credited to your account.

Claiming a First Deposit Bonus and Other Promotions

So, you’ve chosen your preferred Bitcoin casino and you’ve signed up for an account there. You’re about to proceed onwards with your initial deposit, and you’re also interested in claiming the first deposit bonus at the same time. Of course, it’s relevant that you know exactly what it is you’re going to be on the receiving end of with this. Therefore, visit the Promotions page of your chosen casino to find out more. And always make sure that you read the relevant terms relating to the bonus you’re claiming. It’s relevant that you know precisely what rules you need to adhere to with a first deposit bonus, and with all other promotions for that matter. So, let’s take a look a some of the rewards that could be available to you at your chosen Bitcoin casino.

Bonus Funds

Bonus Funds

A large portion of online Bitcoin casinos will provide welcome offers that contain bonus funds for you to claim. These basically top up your account balance by a percentage of the amount that you deposit. So, if you’re claiming a first deposit bonus, you’ll usually see it phrased something like:

Receive 100% bonus on top of your first deposit up to 2 BTC.

Of course, that’s just an example. The maximum bonus that you can receive will differ from casino to casino, with options like 1 BTC, 2BTC and 5BTC frequently being found at such. Furthermore, the percentage of the bonus won’t always be 100%, either. Sometimes, you’ll find sites offering 50% or 150% or even more. This all depends upon the Bitcoin casino that you’ve registered at. Where welcome bonuses are concerned, you should always check the terms and conditions relating to them as well. These will determine what the minimum first deposit amount should be for you to qualify for receiving the bonus on top. Not only that, but they will also dictate the sort of wagering requirements that you need to complete before you make any withdrawals from your account.

Wagering requirements for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies work in exactly the same way as they do for standard deposits. You basically have to ensure that you make bets on the selection of games within the lobby, and those bets should equate to a multiple of the bonus received (or in some cases, the bonus and deposit amount). So, it’s not uncommon to see a term stating that you need to complete wagering of 35x the bonus amount received, for example. Welcome bonuses will usually always have such a condition attached to them, which is why it’s necessary to familiarise yourself with the relevant terms.

no deposite

No Deposit Bonus

As an alternate to the standard first deposit bonus, some Bitcoin casinos will also provide their new players with somehing known as a no deposit bonus. While the former requires you to make a deposit before receiving any reward from the casino, the latter allows you to simply sign up for an account, verify yourself there and then receive a special bonus for doing it. No deposit bonuses will be applied to your account after completing registration, and they usually come in smaller amounts than the rewards obtained through depositing first. Some Bitcoin casinos will offer players both a no deposit bonus and a first deposit bonus as part of their welcome offer.

A no deposit bonus is there to give you a glimpse into the games within the lobby. So, it will usually provide something like 1mBTC after completion of your sign-up, which can then be utilised on a few games to get a feel for the casino. Sometimes, not all of the game selection in the lobby will be accessible with this no deposit bonus. Instead, you’ll be able to use it on a set choice of such. Yet, it can be quite the appealing reward to receive upon registering for an account.

free spins

Free Spins

Anyone who loves the thrill of playing online slot games will doubtless want to receive free spins from their chosen online casino. Free spins will allow you to do exactly what they describe – take several free spins of the reels on slots. So, it’s not uncommon to find a Bitcoin casino rewarding you with 50 free spins or 100 free spins when you make a qualifying deposit. These can be provided alongside a standard bonus reward, and can even expand beyond 100 free spins. It’s not uncommon to be on the receiving end of 200 free spins and more. As part of a welcome package, free spins really do provide something extra special to enjoy.

Often, those free spins will be usable on either a single specified game, the entire game collection from a single developer or a set group of four or five different slot games. Whatever the case may be, as a Bitcoin user and a fan of slots, you won’t want to miss out on receiving such. They can really assist you with building up a nice win balance. It’s prominent to note that in many cases, the free spins received as part of a welcome offer will only allow you to build up a withdrawable balance of a set amount. So, in the terms relating to the free spins, it’s not uncommon to find a condition that states you can’t withdraw more than 1BTC of free spins winnings, for example.

You’re also able to find Bitcoin casinos that provide newcomers with free spins as part of a no deposit reward. As with the no deposit bonus options that players can claim, these free spins are usually available in a smaller number. So, you can sometimes find an offer like “complete your registration and receive 10 free spins”. Again, these are usually provided on one specific slot or a small group of specified slot games.

reload bonus

Reload Bonuses

While it’s always great to be the recipient of a first deposit bonus, it’s not the only reward that some online Bitcoin casinos provide. Instead, there are also reload bonuses on hand to benefit from, which are given on your second deposit, third deposit and so on. Sometimes, these can also be available further down the line, such as on a specific day of the week. These can cater to frequent players very nicely, and they simply require you to deposit a stated amount and then you’ll get a percentage reload bonus on top.


Ongoing Promotions

For anyone who isn’t a new player at a Bitcoin casino, there is also usually a selection of online promotions to take advantage of during the week. Some sites even have a special offer for each day of the week, featuring rewards like bonus funds, free spins, cashback and even entries into tournaments that you can participate in. The best idea when it comes to these rewards is to check the casino’s Promotions page. There, you should be informed of all the upcoming offers that the Bitcoin casino is giving to its players and when they’re taking place. At the same time, there should also be a clear link to the terms and conditions of the rewards. This is something that can help with figuring out if the casino is provably fair, too.

Do Bitcoin Casinos Provide VIP Clubs?

The short answer to this query is simply ‘yes’. Bitcoin casinos are pretty much the same as other casinos in this respect, providing VIP clubs and assoicated rewards for players to benefit from. Essentially, there are certain qualifications needed to ascend up the different VIP levels that are connected to such. This includes reaching a specific level of bets, making deposits into your account and collecting VIP points as you go. While it’s easy to make a first deposit and receive a first deposit bonus alongside, the VIP Club is a little longer lasting. Essentially, it accompanies you through your gaming journey at your chosen casino.

You’ll be notified when you move up to the next VIP level, and you’ll also see that the benefits of doing so will improve. Some of the rewards that can frequently be obtained by becoming a VIP player include:

  • A personal Bitcoin casino account manager
  • Speedier processing of withdrawals
  • Birthday treats
  • Exclusive bonus offers
  • Better VIP point conversion rate
  • Access to exclusive casino events

Can Bitcoin Casinos Be Considered Legit Places to Play?

As it happens, Bitcoin casinos are often considered to be even safer locations to participate in gaming than standard casinos. Yet, with the sites that we recommend through our complete reviews, we’ll always provide details on the ones that are fully licensed and regulated. We never inform people to sign up to a platform that is without a licencem because this gives them the freedom to act as they like, without any consequences for players who are duped into signing up and depositing at them.

Just because a casino provides deposits and withdrawals through Bitcoin and/or other cryptocurrencies, this doesn’t mean that it’s not trustworthy. A platform that possesses an official gambling licence must adhere to strict rules, which dictate that customers must feel confident that they’re accessing a secure site and participating in fair gaming. Unless it’s a provably fair casino and has a privacy policy that you can view, we wouldn’t recommend registering for an account at it. Make sure that you’re fully informed on the status of the casino before joining it. And if it isn’t licensed, then there’s a likelihood that it isn’t a legit place to play.

To find a casino that is definitely licensed, you can simply read through our reviews at Cryptsy. We can recommend a great choice of platforms, each of which features a wonderful set of Bitcoin games – some even including live casino games – casino offers, helpful support advisors, easy-to-use websites and much more.

Licensing Bodies

There are various jurisdictions around the world which provide gambling licences to Bitcoin casinos. These include such high-profile locations and bodies as:

  • United Kingdom Gambling Commission
  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • Curacao eGaming
  • Spelinspektionen (Sweden)
  • Kahnawake Gaming Commission (Canada)
  • Romanian National Gambling Office
  • Danish Gambling Authority
  • Cyprus Gaming Commission
  • Gibraltar Gambling Commission

Fair Gaming Policies

To continue with the provably fair theme, a casino should also have rules in place to ensure that all games within their lobbies are fair for players. This means that the software developers they’re working with should reinforce the fact that their games have been independently tested and audited by one or more companies. If they have gone through this, then they will receive the mark of approval, meaning that they all employ random number generators (RNGs), resulting in fair outcomes of every round played.

Furthermore, it should also be the policy of all Bitcoin casinos to work alongside gambling addiction companies. These provide asisstance to anyone who believes that they may have or be heading towards having a gambling problem. Multiple organisations have been set up to help players that are suffering with this, and links to this help should be clearly displayed on a reputable casino website. They should also have processes in place to notice when players are behaving in ways that suggest a gambling problem. Some of the companies that provide assistance to gamers with problems like this are:

  • GambleAware
  • GamCare
  • Gamblers Anonymous
  • Gambling Therapy
  • Big Deal

You’ll find that the casino sites which are recommended through Cryptsy are all connected to at least one of these organisations, so as to provide necessary assistance to anyone showing signs of problem gambling. This adds even more bulk to the statement of cryptocurrency casinos being provably fair, but not only that, it adds more gusto behind the fact that these casinos also care for their players, too.

Can I Play a Good Selection of Games at Bitcoin Casinos?

There’s little need to underestimate a Bitcoin casino site just because it operates with crypocurrencies, rather than solely with fiat currency and standard payment methods. You can rest assured that they all feature a great range of provably fair games for you to experience. And these aren’t limited to one specific type of casino game, either. You’ll find table games including blackjack, roulette and baccarat, online slot games where you can utilise some of your received free spins, video poker, and even live casino games. So, you won’t be missing out on anything where the casino games are concerned if you opt to join a Bitcoin platform. Some of the types of casino games that you can access include:


Slot games will always stand out as something that are closely associated with casinos, be they in the online world or in land-based establishments. A casino accepting Bitcoin transactions will also be able to provide a wide variety of these to their players, from classic three-reel slot games through to the more modern video slots with five, six and seven reels incorporated into their layouts. Many software developers have already adapted their games to be able to work alongside BTC deposits and gameplay. These include:

  • Netent
  • Microgaming
  • Quickspin
  • Betsoft
  • iSoftBet
  • Play’n Go
  • Playtech
  • Yggdrasil
  • Thunderkick
  • Elk Studios

Therefore, players should have no problems with accessing online video slots and classic slots as BTC users. In fact, where the free spins and bonus offers of casinos are concerned, sometimes they’ll specify specific slots that you can utilise these on. So, receiving a first or second deposit reward for example, will also dictate specific slot games to use these on.

slot game

Table Games

The table games section of an online gaming site can often encompass various different possibilities. Usually, most people think of blackjack and roulette as being table games, which they are. Baccarat is also something that is frequently found in the table games section of a casino lobby. Card games are, of course, different to roulette, which doesn’t incorporate playing cards in any way. So, that’s why it’s also sometimes possible to find casinos that separate roulette from the others. Yet, again, Bitcoin users can still look forward to accessing a variety of card games and roulette options from their chosen casino. They make up a staple part of casino games, so it stands to reason that BTC users should be able to access them, too.

Table Games

Live Dealer Games

As a sort of offshoot of the table games, live casino options can also be found at several Bitcoin casinos, too. These basically allow you to have a bit more of a land-based experience from the comfort of your home. Many of the same card games and roulette possibilities are available this way, but a live dealer is on hand to proceed with the dealing and ball-throwing. Essentially, players get to see the games being displayed on their screens from a live studio or a land-based casino. Bets and gameplay proceed in much the same way, it’s just that you can interact with an actual dealer rather than solely with a digital game screen.

Something else that stands out about these games, is that some casinos will also provide specific welcome bonuses or reload bonus offers to utilise on them. In fact, several of the top Bitcoin casinos providing these games have special offers to make use of and benefit from with live casino gameplay. Watch out for these and find them in the reviews we’ve done at Cryptsy.


Video Poker

If you haven’t ever played video poker before, it works as a sort of merger between slots and table poker. Basically, the poker cards appear on a video screen and you need to try and make poker hands from them as best you can. You’re betting on the cards that are drawn from the pack, rather than against other poker players (or rather, the computer with standard poker table gameplay). Video poker is often found at online casinos and even at land-based establishments as well. So, therefore, why shouldn’t it be available to Bitcoin users as well? It’s a simple type of casino game to play in general, but it’s relevant to know if a platform incorporates them into its lobby.


Other Casino Games

Other casino games that you may find at a Bitcoin site include options such as scratch cards and virtual sports. Progressive jackpot games are also available to Bitcoin users, and these are frequently found in the format of slots. In general, you will find that the casino games available at Bitcoin casinos pretty much echo what can be found at all other gaming sites. It’s just the type of deposits and withdrawals that you’re making which differ, rather than the type of games that will be available to you.


Proceeding with a Bitcoin Withdrawal

While it’s definitely relevant to know how to go ahead with a Bitcoin deposit to begin with, there’s likely going to be a point where you’ll be requiring a withdrawal. So, that’s why we’ve got a little walkthrough for you to follow here. Essentially, this operates in the same way as a deposit, except in reverse. Deposits and withdrawals should alway be simple to proceed with, and using a cryptocurrency such as this one, they really are. Make sure that before you request a withdrawal, you have completed all wagering requirements relating to casino offers, you don’t have anything pending and that you have the relevant amount of funds in your balance to withdraw. Some casinos also have minimum withdrawal amounts that you have to adhere to as well.

To proceed with a withdrawal, you simply need to navigate to the cashier page of your chosen casino and select the Withdrawal tab on there. As with deposits, you need to select the Bitcoin option as your preferred withdrawal method. From this point, you need to input the specfic amount that you would like to withdraw from your casino. You’ll then need to navigate to your cryptocurrency wallet again (so be sure that it’s connected to your computer if it’s an external one) and copy the wallet addres that you’re given. Paste this address into the relevant box at the casino website and click the Withdrawal button to set it off processing.

From this moment on, the transaction is pretty much out of your hands. If it’s the first time you’re withdrawing, the casino may take a little longer with the pending period, although again, this should not proceed beyond 24 hours. If it’s a provably fair platform, then the withdrawal request will be processed swiftly and after this time period, the funds should show up in your cryptocurrency wallet instantly. As mentioned, that is one of the perks of using Bitcoin for your online gambling needs – you get speedy withdrawals!

Assistance from Customer Support

Bitcoin casinos are exactly like other casinos, in the sense that they require a customer support team to be on hand for any problems that players may have. Let’s say that you’ve found your roulette game has had a technical fault or your withdrawal request is taking too long to process through. You need to speak to someone about this, right? Well, this is where the customer support team comes into play. While it’s true that many online casinos feature an FAQ section for you to browse through, there are times when the information within those sections is not enough. It is at this moment in time that you must reach out to a customer support agent.

The very best Bitcoin casinos will provide players with a selection of contact options to utilise. Many people have a preference for using a live chat function, and that’s quite understandable. This is usually the swiftest way of speaking to someone and getting answers. Live chat is something that should be offered at all casinos, we believe. In our reviews, we’ll clearly point out which online gambling sites have a live chat option and highlight the response time for queries.

Another possibility that you can take advantage of at a number of casino sites is the email contact. This can be provided in the shape of an online form to fill out or alternatively, the site will give you a direct email address to send a message to. These should always be answered within a 24-hour period, and to qualify as one of the best Bitcoin casinos, it should be even swifter than that. Nobody likes having to wait around for a reply to an important email, especially if you’re having problems with the site or with gameplay, for example.

You’ll also sometimes find that telephone support is available as an alternative to email and live chat contact. This isn’t quite as readily offered anymore, although it used to be much more prevalent. Naturally, this simply requires you to call a telephone number and you’ll speak directly with an advisor. Because telephone calls can take up a considerable amount of time, it’s much easier for customer support teams to get along with sending an email back to a customer or responding to them through live chat.

In all cases, the customer support team should be approachable, friendly and willing to help. Responses should be speedy and concise information should be provided, too. Players should have a pleasant experience when contacting the support team, which is why you will find that we recommend the BTC casinos that have the highest customer service levels.

Which Operators Provide BTC Casino Sites?

While Bitcoin casinos are becoming more and more frequently available, not all operators have taken to incorporating them into their collection. Yet, the ones that have done so, have found them to be quite the successful venture for the most part. So, which operators have taken the step towards incorporating Bitcoin casinos into their selection of online gambling sites?

Direx N.V.


This company has been in the online gaming business since 2008, with its head office being based in Curacao. Operating alongside SoftSwiss, it holds a gambling licence from the jurisidiction of Curacao, too. It also operates a subsidiary known as Nabelse Holdings Limited, which is based within Cyprus. One of Direx N.V.’s most popular Bitcoin casino sites is the Betchain Bitcoin Casino, which as numerous perks for players to benefit from, including a first deposit bonus of 100% up to 1BTC as well as 200 free spins alongside. You need to make a minimum deposit of 0.005 BTC to receive this offer.


Another casino from this operator is Bitstarz, which is potentially the biggest-known Bitcoin platform. The site is licensed and regulated by Antillephone N.V., as displayed at the bottom of the website. Players have the possibility of utilising standard payment methods to make deposits and withdrawals too, such as Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard and others. The welcome package that is on hand at Bitstarz includes 20 free spins without the need of a deposit, followed by a set of bonus funds and free spins across your first four deposits. The full offer incorporates a maximum reward of 5 BTC and 200 free spins altogether.

Mars Casino

You’ll also find that Mars Casino is operated by the Direx N.V. brand. This one doesn’t solely provide deposit and gameplay options through cryptocurrencies though, and instead offers more traditional ways of depositing, too. The site utilises games from a number of top-quality brands, including Pragmatic Play, Betsoft, Amatic Industries, Habanero, Thunderkick and Play’n Go. Signing up to the casino will allow you to recieve a welcome bonus that is made up of up to 1 BTC on completion of your initial deposit and up to 500 mBTC on your second and third deposits, equating to a total of 2 BTC altogether. 50 free spins are also included alongside these bonus funds, which will be separated into two batches of 25 across two days.

7Bit Casino

7Bit Casino also comes under the Direx N.V. banner, and there are some impressive bonuses on offer at this platform, too. A welcome pack is accessible from the very first moment, allowing you to receive rewards on top of your first four deposits. As with many others, a maximum of 5 BTC in bonus funds can be gained from this, while the option for the first bonus can be exchanged for 200 free spins instead. There are also perks to claim every Monday, Wednesday and weekend. Like the others owned by this operator, the site is provably fair thanks to the possession of the licence from Antillephone N.V. in Curacao.

mBit Casino

To provide another alternative from Direx N.V., there’s the mBit Casino. You can sign up for free there and get to playing straight away after making your first deposit. There are rewards waiting for you on top of your initial three deposits there, too. From these, you can receive up to 5 BTC in bonus funds and 300 free spins at the same time. Accessing the game lobby will allow you to play a great range of casino games, including slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, live dealer possibilities, baccarat and much more.

iLucki casino

One final inclusion on the list from Direx N.V. is iLucki casino. This site has been available to join since 2018 and has proven to be quite the appealing location for gamers to register at. It’s another one that offers both cryptocurrency and traditional payment methods. There’s 24/7 customer support available at the platform for members to take advantage of whenever they need, and it utilises some of the best software in its lobby. This includes games from companies like iSoftBet, GameArt, Ezugi, Betsoft and Quickspin, amongst many others. Meanwhile, the welcome offer that can be found at iLucki provides a 100% bonus on top of your initial deposit as well as 100 free spins to benefit from. Then comes a 75% bonus on your second deposit, a 50% one on your third and another 100% bonus on your fourth deposit.

Nexus Group Enterprises


This operates as a group under the laws and regulations of Curacao, which is where its head office is based. At the moment, the company only operates one Bitcoin casino, which goes by the title of FortuneJack, and this site was set up in 2014. As with all casinos that base themselves out of Curacao, FortuneJack holds a licence from the Antillephone N.V. regulatory body. The great thing about this casino is that while it accepts deposits through Bitcoin, it also accepts a mass of other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero and multiple others.

As part of the welcome pack that you can receive when signing up to play at FortuneJack, you’ll be on the receiving end of up to 5 BTC in bonus funds. It also incorporates a total of 250 free spins to play through alongside. The site is also provably fair, and has a link for you to follow regarding this at the top of the website. Not only does it provide casino games, but it has a live casino section and Bitcoin dice options to participate in, too.

SG International N.V.

24K casino

The 24K casino platform also holds a gambling licence from the government of Curacao, and it markets itself as the best location for Bitcoin gambling. With a great range of games, an intriguing deposit bonus to claim and a provably fair site, that’s not difficult to comprehend, either. The site is provided by SG International N.V., which is registered in Curacao and bases itself out of Edinburgh, UK. With regard to the casino, this also has quite the focus on providing an exciting mobile gaming experience to players. Live casino games are also on hand at this site, while standard options include slots, table games and more. People depositing with traditional fiat currencies will also receive bonuses on top of their first four deposits at the site and two sets of 50 free spins are given on top of the first two deposits. That’s a total of 100 free spins altogether. Cryptocurrency users will get a 150% bonus on top of all deposits, while high rollers get to receive 125% in bonus funds.

CB Holdings


The third company that has opted to move forward in the Bitcoin online gambling sector is CB Holdings. This operator bases itself out of Montenegro, and it holds a gambling licence from one of the lesser-known regulatory bodies in e-Gambling Montenegro. This company is responsible for the Cloudbet platform, which has been in operation since 2013. The casino also has a secondary licence from the Curacao eGaming jurisdiction, and this allows it to operate in multiple other locations around the world. Signing up to this casino will allow you to benefit from a welcome bonus of up to 5 BTC in bonus funds. At the same time, 80 free spins will be granted to you.

A variety of developers provide their casino games to Cloudbet too, including Spinomenal, Play’n Go, Microgaming, Betsoft and Evolution Gaming, amongst others. Therefore, you can expect to access a great choice of these within the lobby. Furthermore, it only operates with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, so you won’t find any other payment methods or currencies accepted at the casino. The site is also viewable in various languages, including Indonesian, Korean, Polish, French and Turkish, alongside the standard English.

HDS Technologies N.V.


If you haven’t heard of the Wolf.Bet casino, then be sure to check it out. The site provides provably fair games in the format of Bitcoin dice. The plaform has quite the unique design, and potentially you won’t look at it as being an actual casino when you first visit. Yet, it’s exceptionally intriguing, and it comes from the minds of HDS Technologies N.V. The platform supports numerous cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, DogeCoin, Tron and Litecoin, amongst a couple of others. There’s even a chat on the right-hand side of the website, allowing you to easily communicate with other Wolf.Bet players while gambling. If you’re yet to check out Bitcoin dice, then this casino is the best place to go for it. It’s also the owner of a licence from the Antillephone N.V. regulatory body based in Curacao.

mBet Solutions N.V.


The last addition to this collection comes from the mBet Solutions brand, which you’ll find it also licensed in the country of Curacao. This company is quite the veteran in the cryptocurrency gambling world, and it provides the website to players. This is another provably fair online gaming site, offering a variety of casino games for you to access. It’s even got its own live casino section for you to play in, whilst providing a nice choice of promotions, too. There’s a VIP Club to become a part of and receive rewards through, and not only that, but if you enjoy sports betting, there’s also a sportsbook on hand to participate in when you become a member at

Do Standard Casinos Accept Bitcoin?

While it’s true that there are several provably fair casino sites that only operate with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, this doesn’t mean to say that standard casinos are left out in the cold. In fact, there are a few of these that not only provide players with the possibility of depositing and playing in Bitcoin, but also in standard fiat currencies and through standard payment methods. Of course, if you’re intending to use a cryptocurrency for your gameplay at such a casino, then you’ll be required to choose that as your specific preferred currency when registering to play there.

These sites should also tailor their casino offers so that BTC and other digital currency users are able to benefit from them. This means that you will either find that a welcome offer caters to Bitcoin users as well as fiat currency users, or there will be a separate reward available for those players utilising cryptocurrencies. Therefore, everyone playing there should get the same sort of high-quality experience. These offers should also include any free spins and ongoing deposit bonus offers, so they’re pretty much the same as visiting a platform that operates solely with cryptocurrencies.

From Where Can I Use Bitcoin for Playing Casino Games?

Bitcoin and the various other cryptocurrencies are purchasable from any location around the world. Because there are no ties to any central financial institution, it’s simply a matter of having the ability to connect and register at an exchange, purchase the Bitcoin and then deposit it at your chosen casino sie. It is for this reason that it has become a very popular alternative for gamblers to make use of, especially in locations such as the United States, where many traditional payment methods are blocked or banned entirely from being used at online gaming sites.

Yet, it’s not only in these places that the cryptocurrency has been adopted as an alternative for casino gameplay. Even countries with fairly liberal gambling laws have allowed it at such sites, simply providing players with another option to make use of when depositing and withdrawing. And you can expect it to start being supported at many more casino sites in the coming months and years, because locations such as the UK are disallowing players using credit cards for gambling purposes. So, in that sense, it will bring some flexibility back to people who aren’t able to deposit in any other way.