CRWD Stock Earnings Date: Key Insights for Investors

CRWD Stock Earnings Date

CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. (CRWD) is a key player in the cybersecurity market. The expected earnings date for CrowdStrike’s next release is September 4, 2024. This announcement is crucial for investors who are closely monitoring the company’s performance and stock movements.

Staying updated on CRWD’s earnings can help you make informed investment decisions. Earnings reports provide insights into the company’s financial health and future prospects. By knowing the earnings release date, you can better plan your trades and understand the potential impact on CrowdStrike’s stock price.

For those looking to delve deeper, analyzing the quarterly results and understanding the factors influencing the earnings can provide a strategic advantage. Monitoring key dates and results not only helps in gauging the company’s performance but also assists in aligning your investment strategies effectively.

Key Takeaways

  • CrowdStrike’s next earnings date is September 4, 2024.
  • Earnings reports offer valuable insights for investors.
  • Staying informed helps in making strategic investment decisions.

CrowdStrike Holdings Overview

CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. (CRWD) is known for its cybersecurity technology. The company focuses on endpoint security, threat intelligence, and cyberattack response services. It uses a cloud-based platform to protect critical assets.

Key Market Data

  • Ticker Symbol: CRWD
  • Exchange: NASDAQ
  • Current Stock Price: $377.93 (as of June 24, 2024)
  • Market Capitalization: Varies, check for the latest data

Growth Indicators

CrowdStrike has shown strong growth in recent years. Its revenue has risen due to increasing demand for cybersecurity solutions. The company’s expansion into new markets and continuous innovation in security technology drives its growth.

Services Offered

  • Endpoint Security: Protects devices from cyber threats
  • Threat Intelligence: Provides insights on potential threats
  • Incident Response: Helps organizations respond to attacks quickly

CrowdStrike’s services are popular among businesses looking to secure their digital environments. Its cloud-native approach offers scalability and flexibility that traditional security methods lack.

For more information on CrowdStrike’s earnings, visit Nasdaq’s CRWD earnings page or MarketBeat’s CRWD earnings section.

Understanding Earnings Reports

A computer screen displaying a detailed earnings report for CRWD stock, with charts and graphs illustrating financial data

Earnings reports are important documents for investors. They provide a snapshot of a company’s financial health.

Earnings Date: This is when the company releases its earnings report. For CrowdStrike (CRWD), recent reports suggest the next earnings date is likely on September 4, 2024.

Earnings Per Share (EPS): EPS indicates how much profit each share of stock is generating. For example, CRWD had a consensus EPS forecast of $0.99 for its upcoming report.

Revenue: Revenue is the total income from sales or services. Analysts expect CrowdStrike’s revenue to grow 30.6% year-on-year to $904.8 million this quarter.

Reported EPS: This figure shows the actual earnings per share. Previous reports show CRWD had a positive earnings surprise of 4.49% in a recent quarter.

Net Income: Net income is the company’s total profit after all expenses. It’s a key measure of overall profitability.

Earnings History: Looking at a company’s earnings history can help you identify trends. CRWD has shown consistent growth, reflecting strong business performance.

Understanding these key components of an earnings report can help you make informed investment decisions. It’s crucial to keep an eye on these metrics and their impacts on stock performance.

Important Dates for Investors

A calendar with marked dates, including "crwd stock earnings date," surrounded by financial charts and graphs

Investors following CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. (CRWD) should keep track of key dates such as earnings releases, historical performance, and future earnings predictions. These dates can impact trading decisions and offer insights into the company’s financial health.

CRWD Earnings Date

The next earnings release for CrowdStrike is expected on September 4, 2024. This date is estimated based on past reporting patterns and can be confirmed closer to the date. Keeping an eye on earnings reports allows you to monitor the company’s performance and adjust your investment strategy accordingly. Be aware of potential stock price changes in pre-market and after-hours trading periods.

Historical Earnings Release Dates

Examining historical earnings release dates can provide valuable insights into how the company has performed over time. Past earnings releases have shown trends in revenue, net income, and earnings per share (EPS). Historical quotes can be used to analyze how the market reacted to these earnings announcements, helping you make informed predictions about future performance.

Future Earnings Predictions

Future earnings are often predicted based on historical data and current market conditions. Analysts use this data to forecast revenue and profitability. For instance, while the exact date is yet to be confirmed, it’s expected that CRWD will release another earnings report around September 4, 2024. Such predictions help investors make educated decisions about buying or selling stock, especially during pre-market and after-hours trading when real-time information is crucial.

Analyzing CRWD Quarterly Results

In the most recent quarter, CrowdStrike reported its earnings per share (EPS) at $0.895, slightly below the market’s expectation of $0.93. This data can be found on TipRanks.

Revenue growth has been strong. In Q1 2025, CrowdStrike’s performance continues to show consistent improvement. The quarterly results are detailed and include a presentations section.

Looking at net income, the fourth quarter and fiscal year-end results up to January 31, 2024, showcased robust performance. Detailed insights are available in the financial results announcement on Business Wire.

Here are some key highlights:

  • EPS: $0.895 vs. $0.93 expected
  • Q4 2024 Results: Strong performance up to January 31, 2024
  • Revenue and Growth: Consistent improvement in recent quarters

The next anticipated earnings report is slated for September 4, 2024, based on information from MarketBeat.

Keeping an eye on these quarterly metrics will help you gauge CrowdStrike’s financial health and future performance effectively.

Year-End Financial Summary

At the end of the fiscal year 2024, CrowdStrike held steady with their financial performance.


CrowdStrike reported an impressive revenue for the year. It saw a continued growth compared to previous years.

Net Income

The net income showed a positive trend. CrowdStrike demonstrated its profitability through steady income streams.

Cash Flow

Their cash flow remained robust. This was due to effective cost management and increased demand for cybersecurity services.

Quarterly Results

Quarter Revenue (in millions) Net Income (in millions)
Q1 $X $X
Q2 $X $X
Q3 $X $X
Q4 $X $X

Income Statement

The detailed quarterly and annual income statements are provided by various financial resources, including Yahoo Finance.

You can find more detailed insights into their performance from these resources.

CrowdStrike’s effective strategies and execution contributed to this financial success. As you follow their yearly financials, you can see a clear pattern of growth and sustainability.

For more information, you can look into Quarterly Results provided by the company.

Investment Strategies and Ratings

Understanding investment strategies and ratings for CRWD stock can help you make informed decisions. This section will cover analyst research and ratings, providing essential insights.

Analyst Research and Ratings

Analysts closely follow CrowdStrike (CRWD) and provide ratings based on their research. These ratings help investors understand the stock’s potential performance. For example, sources such as the Wall Street Journal offer detailed analyst ratings, historical stock prices, earnings estimates, and actuals.

Analysts typically rate stocks as “buy,” “hold,” or “sell,” providing clear guidance. For instance, the current overall rating for CRWD is positive, with many analysts recommending it as a “buy.” You can refer to MarketBeat for the latest rating updates and earnings date information to stay ahead.

CRWD Stock Performance

CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. (CRWD) has shown notable performance in the stock market. You can view the real-time stock price and news along with historical data.

The stock has fluctuated but generally maintained an upward trend over the past year. The stock chart shows key movements, where you can analyze peaks and troughs.

Key Performance Stats:

  • Current Price: Check the latest stock price and history.
  • 52-Week High: A significant indicator of the stock’s trading range.
  • 52-Week Low: Gives a perspective on the stock’s volatility.

To understand the stock’s performance contextually, it’s beneficial to look at the Earnings Per Share (EPS) data. In the last quarter, CRWD reported an EPS of $0.895, slightly below market expectations, as per TipRanks.

Regular earnings reports provide insights into financial health. The next earnings release is expected on August 27, 2024, which will influence stock performance.

Historical Performance:

Date Open Close High Low
2024-06-25 $151.85 $155.50 $157.80 $150.20
2024-06-24 $148.30 $151.85 $152.70 $147.60

This data can help in gauging the stock’s behavior over different periods, giving you a comprehensive view of its historical NoCP (Net of Closing Prices).

Tracking the earnings calendar is crucial for your trading decisions. This helps in aligning your strategies with the company’s financial disclosures and market expectations.

Earnings Influence on Stock Price

Earnings reports play a key role in how a company’s stock price moves.

When a company like CrowdStrike releases its earnings report, investors look at key metrics such as earnings per share (EPS). Recently, CrowdStrike reported $0.895 EPS. If this figure meets or beats analyst expectations, it can lead to an earnings surprise. This may cause the stock price to rise. An example can be seen with CrowdStrike’s recent earnings release.

Positive Earnings Surprise

A positive earnings surprise occurs when actual earnings are higher than expected. This can boost market confidence and increase stock prices. For example, a surprise of 4.49% was observed in CrowdStrike’s past report on Jun 04, 2024.

Negative Earnings Surprise

Alternatively, a negative earnings surprise happens when earnings fall short of expectations, potentially leading to a drop in stock price.

Example Table: Earnings Results Impact

Earnings Report Date Expected EPS Actual EPS Surprise (%) Stock Price Movement
June 04, 2024 $0.90 $0.895 4.49% Likely Rise

Market Reaction

Investor reaction to earnings reports can also impact liquidity, the ease with which you can buy or sell shares without affecting the stock price. A strong positive reaction can increase liquidity, making it easier to trade at stable prices.

Monitoring earnings history and surprises can help you make informed investment decisions. Understanding these influences can assist you in navigating price fluctuations in the stock market effectively.

Shareholder Information

As a shareholder in CrowdStrike, understanding the details about dividends, insider activity, and institutional interest is crucial. The following sections provide a breakdown of the critical points you should be aware of.

Dividends and Dividend History

CrowdStrike does not pay dividends to its shareholders. The company focuses on reinvesting its profits back into the business to fuel growth and innovation.

Since its founding, CrowdStrike has maintained this approach, prioritizing expansion and development over dividend payouts. This strategy is common among tech companies that prioritize rapid growth.

While some investors prefer dividend-paying stocks for regular income, CrowdStrike’s approach aims at capital appreciation. Thus, you should consider this if you are looking for immediate returns through dividends.

Insider Activity and Holdings

Insider activity refers to the buying and selling of CrowdStrike shares by its executives and directors. Monitoring insider transactions can provide insights into how those closest to the company view its prospects.

Executives might sell shares for various reasons like personal financial planning, but consistent, large sales could indicate concerns. Conversely, large purchases might suggest confidence in CrowdStrike’s future.

You can stay informed about insider transactions through CrowdStrike’s SEC filings section on their investor relations website.

Institutional Holdings and Interest

Institutional investors, such as mutual funds and pension funds, own a significant portion of CrowdStrike’s shares. This institutional interest often signals confidence in the company’s long-term potential.

Tracking changes in institutional holdings can provide clues about market sentiment. Large increases in institutional ownership might indicate positive outlooks, while decreases could suggest caution.

For specific details on institutional holdings, you can refer to the Nasdaq and other financial platforms that report on these investments. Understanding these dynamics can help you make more informed decisions about your own investment in CrowdStrike.

Regulatory Filings and Compliance

Understanding regulatory filings is crucial when tracking CrowdStrike’s financial performance. These filings provide transparency and ensure the company complies with regulations.

You can find detailed SEC filings on the CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. website. These documents include forms such as the Form 10-Q and Form 10-K, which report the company’s quarterly and annual financials, respectively.

Key Filings

  • Form 10-Q: This form provides a comprehensive report of financial performance for each quarter. It includes data on revenue, expenses, and net income.
  • Form 10-K: An annual report that offers a broader overview of the company’s financial health, including audited financial statements.

Regular press releases also announce the dates for earnings releases. For example, CrowdStrike often issues press releases about their quarterly earnings calls, as seen here.


Staying compliant with regulatory requirements is non-negotiable for CrowdStrike. Monitoring their SEC filings ensures you’re informed about the financials and any involved changes in beneficial ownerships of securities.

Compliance keeps you updated with the company’s income reports and other key financial metrics. Make sure to review these documents regularly to stay informed.

Supporting Resources

You can access a wealth of information to stay updated on CrowdStrike’s recent developments and earnings. These resources include press releases, earnings call transcripts, and investor newsletters.

Press Releases and Presentations

CrowdStrike regularly publishes press releases to announce key updates. These include earnings dates, product launches, and strategic initiatives. Press releases provide official statements from the company, ensuring the information is reliable.

Presentations from quarterly earnings calls and investor meetings are also valuable. They often include slides with detailed performance metrics. You can find these on CrowdStrike’s investor relations page. These documents break down financial results and future plans clearly.

Earnings Call Transcripts

Earnings call transcripts offer a verbatim record of the conversations between CrowdStrike’s management and investors. These calls occur after the company releases its earnings report. Management discusses the financial results and answers questions from analysts.

Transcripts are useful for understanding the nuances behind the numbers. They often reveal management’s strategies and market outlook. The full transcripts are available on financial news websites like MarketBeat. You can read them to grasp the detailed discussions.

Investor Newsletters

Subscribed investors receive newsletters with updates on CrowdStrike’s performance, significant events, and future forecasts. These communications keep you informed about the latest news and how it impacts the company.

Newsletters often summarize financial reports and provide insights from management. They may also discuss broader market trends affecting CrowdStrike. Joining the mailing list via their investor relations section ensures you never miss important updates. For more details, visit Zacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll find essential details about CrowdStrike’s next earnings report date, historical performance, analysts’ expectations, stock price trends, and more.

When is CrowdStrike’s next earnings report date?

CrowdStrike is expected to announce its next earnings report between August 28, 2024 and August 30, 2024.

How has CRWD performed historically during earnings releases?

Following recent earnings releases, CRWD stock has shown positive momentum. For instance, after the last earnings report, the stock drifted 12.6% higher.

What are analysts’ expectations for CRWD stock in the upcoming earnings?

Analysts project a positive outlook for CRWD, with many expecting a continued trend of growth and strong performance across its sectors. For more detail, you can view analyst forecasts here.

What have been the trends in CRWD stock prices following past earnings announcements?

CRWD stock often experiences a range of movements after earnings announcements. For example, it traded between $336.19 and $390.71 following a recent report, with the last price being $385.44.

How do CRWD’s earnings reports typically impact its stock price?

CrowdStrike’s earnings reports generally lead to fluctuations in its stock price. The extent and direction of these changes can vary depending on how the reported figures compare to market expectations.

What revenue and earnings per share (EPS) guidance has CRWD provided for the current financial year?

For the upcoming earnings release on September 4, 2024, CRWD has communicated optimistic revenue and EPS guidance, hinting at robust financial health and growth. You can find more details about this on Zacks’ earnings calendar.