Crwd 株価: The Rising Cybersecurity Giant’s Stock Analysis


Ever wondered about the dynamics of the stock market, specifically the intriguing world of tech stocks? Let’s delve into one such tech stock – CrowdStrike Holdings Inc., or as it’s known in the stock exchange, “crwd 株価”.

This cybersecurity firm has been making waves in the tech industry, and its stock performance is a fascinating subject. Whether you’re an investor seeking insights or a tech enthusiast curious about market trends, you’ll find this exploration of crwd 株価 enlightening. Get ready to embark on an intriguing journey into the heart of tech stocks.

CrowdStrike Holdings Overview

Let’s delve deeper into an in-depth understanding of CrowdStrike Holdings Inc., particularly their origin, industry presence, and recent performance.

Company History and Growth

CrowdStrike, a product of the collective minds of George Kurtz, Gregg Marston, and Dmitri Alperovitch, came into existence in 2011. The company’s focus lies chiefly in endpoint security, threat intelligence, and incident response services.

Rapid attention gravitated towards CrowdStrike due to its innovative Falcon platform, which leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning for predicting and preventing breaches. By 2019, the company went public with a massive initial public offering (IPO) for a cybersecurity firm and raised $6.12 billion.

Since then, CrowdStrike persists with its consistent growth, broadening its customer base and enhancing the provision of its technology.

CrowdStrike’s Position in the Cybersecurity Industry

CrowdStrike occupies a prominent position in the cybersecurity industry. It’s Falcon platform provides the increasingly crucial advanced threat detection and response capabilities required in today’s digital environment.

Its approach, utilizing AI and cloud-based solutions, sets it apart from traditional security measures. This is why not only large enterprises but also smaller businesses seeking robust security solutions keep a keen eye on CrowdStrike.

With cyber-attacks multiplying, CrowdStrike’s place in the market remains solid, continuing to be a reliable partner for organizations aiming to protect their data and systems.

Recent Company Performance

Recently, CrowdStrike turned heads with its fantastic performance. The company reported a significant boost in revenue, attributing it to strong customer acquisition and retention rates.

According to the latest reports, CrowdStrike trades at a high valuation, reflecting investors’ confidence in the company’s growth potential. Analysts predict continued revenue increase and market expansion; hence, the stock prices are expected to maintain a firm upward trajectory.

This performance underscores CrowdStrike’s ability to innovate and adapt in the competitive cybersecurity industry, ensuring the company’s services remain relevant and in high demand.

Historical Analysis of CRWD Stock

CrowdStrike’s stock, referred by its ticker symbol CRWD, exhibits considerable dynamics reflecting market trends, strategic decisions, and the general climate of the cybersecurity industry.

Price History and Trends

Since its IPO in June 2019, CRWD’s stock price has experienced substantial fluctuations, indicating the market’s rally towards cybersecurity solutions. Initial stock price was approximately $200 per share in 2019, a value that surged beyond $300 by late 2020. At its peak in February 2021, influenced by heightened cybersecurity demands due to increasing cyber threats, CRWD reached its all-time high of approximately $298 per share.

In contrast, 2022 presented volatility with the stock price fluctuating between $150 and $250. Such variations are instigated by significant market corrections and overall tech stock sell-offs. Keep in mind, when investing, that such fluctuations are commonplace in active markets, particularly in the tech sphere.

Trading Volume and Market Sentiment

Examination of trading volume and market sentiment towards CRWD offers valuable insights into the overall market perspective, and how it shapes the stock performance. A rise in trading volume often coincides with major corporate announcements, earnings reports, or industry trends. Investment fintechzoom data suggests a strong correlation between such occurrences and volume spikes.

Periods of high trading volume generally signal increased investor interest. For CRWD, these periods often align with quarterly earnings reports or considerable industry news. Market sentiment plays a crucial role too. Positive sentiment is typically driven by robust earnings reports, growth in the cybersecurity industry, or strategic acquisitions. On the contrary, market downturns or concerns about competition can dampen sentiment.

Becoming familiar with the pattern of CRWD’s past stock performance can provide valuable insights beneficial for future investment decisions. Remember, knowledge of detailed stock forecasts can adjust strategies in correspondence to your risk tolerance.

Take note though, this independent analysis should not be your sole guide for investment decisions. Thoroughly research the current stock analysis on platforms such as nasdaq fintechzoom pro to understand CrowdStrike Holdings Inc. better. Always ensure your investment strategies align with your overall financial goals and risk tolerance.

Financial Information and Earnings

The subsequent discourse elucidates the financial standing of CrowdStrike, expounding on the corporation’s reported earnings and offering in-depth projections of future financial performance.

Recent Earnings Reports

Based on records from the fiscal year of 2025, CrowdStrike shattered market expectations by reporting a sizable income of approximately 692.6 billion yen for the fourth quarter. The corporation experienced a significant escalation in both revenue and earnings per share (EPS). Reaching a total of approximately 420 billion yen, it showcased a substantial growth ratio of 42% compared to the previous year.

Moreover, earning at 0.60 yen per share also surpassed predictions, rendering an EPS at approximately 340 billion yen. The company’s demonstrated resilience and potential for growth despite market volatility has spotlighted CrowdStrike’s capacity for robust profitability, thereby endorsing positive sentiment towards CRWD among analysts and investors.

Earnings and EPS Forecasts

Looking forward, analysts estimate ascendancy in CrowdStrike’s growth trajectory. Predictions indicate that by 2025, due to the burgeoning demand for cybersecurity solutions, the company’s revenue will hit an impressive 300 billion yen. Prognoses of the firm’s revenue point towards an ongoing upward trend, consonant with its past performance.

Forecasts also project a substantial increase in EPS. Indications suggest an EPS of approximately 2.40 billion yen at the close of the fiscal year 2025. Such boost results from operational efficiency and market share expansion. These fiscal forecasts hint at a prosperous future for CRWD, representing an enticing option for investors with emphasis on technology growth stocks.

This potent combination of striking revenue growth and EPS heightening underscores CrowdStrike’s capability to evolve and generate profit in a fiercely competitive ambiance.

Technical Stock Analysis

As part of your financial due diligence on CrowdStrike Holdings Inc., known on the stock exchange as “crwd 株価,” technical analysis is crucial. It aids in understanding stock trends, antecedent market behaviour and potential future actions in CrowdStrike. Specific analytical tools such as the Simple Moving Average (SMA) and the Relative Strength Index (RSI) help accomplish this.

Simple Moving Average (SMA) and Relative Strength Index (RSI)

SMA, or Simple Moving Average, is a staple tool in stock analysis that helps identify market trends. Particular focus lies on the 50-day and 200-day SMAs. Observing the 50-day SMA exceeding the 200-day SMA often indicates a bullish trend, whereas vice versa could suggest a bearish trend.

Another pivotal tool is the Relative Strength Index (RSI). It’s a measure of market dynamics where an RSI surpassing 70 often implies an overbought condition. It suggests a high likelihood of price adjustments. On the contrary, an RSI dipping below 30 typically represents an oversold condition and might hint at potential market rebounding. Keeping an eye on these indicators gives you a deeper grasp of CrowdStrike’s market direction.

Valuation Metrics

Valuation metrics play a vital role in determining if the CrowdStrike stock is valued appropriately. Price to Earnings ratio (P/E) is a commonly employed metric; it compares the current stock price with earnings per share. A high P/E ratio could suggest an overvalued stock, while a low P/E ratio might imply an undervalued stock.

The Price-to-Sales (P/S) ratio is another helpful metric. It compares the company’s market cap to its revenue. High P/S ratios could potentially indicate high growth expectations.

Other salient metrics include Price/Earnings to Growth (PEG) ratio and Enterprise Value to EBITDA (EV/EBITDA) ratio. The PEG ratio considers the growth rate of the company’s earnings, giving a more exhaustive picture. The EV/EBITDA ratio aids in understanding the holistic value of the company, which includes liabilities. Using these metrics in totality acts as a guide for making informed investment decisions.

CRWD Stock Forecast for 2025

Often heralded as a fortress of cybersecurity, CrowdStrike, or “crwd 株価,” presents impressive growth potential. Let’s delve a little deeper, uncover the price predictions for 2025 and consider what leading analysis platforms are forecasting about this tech powerhouse.

Analyst Forecasts and Price Targets

When it comes to CRWD’s stock forecast, experts offer diverse predictions. The estimates from TradingView set the target price at $399.22. This figure factors in a high target of $435.00 and a bargain deal of $350.00.

Moreover, the stock analysis firm, fintechzoom, charts an average 12-month target price at $379.45, with a range lying between $200 and $435. These projections find their roots in CRWD’s earnings growth and the company’s robust stance in the market. Analysts anticipate flourishing performance, attributed primarily to the company’s steadfast cybersecurity solutions.

AI-Based Forecasting Models

Artificial Intelligence models are also key players in providing insights on the trajectory of CRWD’s stock price. These predictions encompass detailed analysis of past and present data. For instance, fintechzoom pro suggests a potential rise to $620.76 by 2030, shaping the forecast background for 2025.

The distinct edge of these models lies in their ability to reflect highly accurate predictions by considering multiple variables, including earnings reports and market trends. With a broad spectrum of data points at hand, investors can forge more appropriate judgments. As AI models continuously refine their forecasts using new data, it’s crucial to stay updated with the latest information sources, such as fintechzoom news.

The developments in the fintech industry, with companies like CrowdStrike leading the innovation race, hold significant implications not only for stock market investors but the broader technological landscape as well.

Investment Analysis and Advice

Investing wisely in companies like CrowdStrike (crwd 株価) requires an appraisal of the current investment recommendations, institutional analyst ratings, and overall investor sentiment. Leverage these insights to make informed decisions.

Buy, Hold, or Sell Recommendations

Investment advice varies concerning CrowdStrike. Some analysts recommend a “Buy” due to CrowdStrike’s robust growth potential and impressive financial performance. Reflecting the resilience of the company’s stock, there could be benefits from the increasing need for cybersecurity.

Others advise a “Hold,” awaiting more attractive entry points. Given the high valuation of the stock, some investors prefer to pause investing until more favorable conditions present themselves.

A few analysts recommend a “Sell” if the current price appears excessively high compared to forecasts. They emphasize caution due to uncertainties in the technology sector.

Institutional Analyst Ratings

Wall Street analysts play a critical role in shaping investment decisions for CrowdStrike. Ratings typically range from a “Strong Buy” to a “Strong Sell”.

The prevailing consensus among analysts is a “Moderate Buy”. Factors influencing this rating include CrowdStrike’s innovative technology and consistent revenue growth. Analysts also highlight the company’s ability to expand market share in the growing cybersecurity market.

The recent breakdown of analyst ratings is as follows:

Strong Buy: 12 Analysts
Buy: 15 Analysts
Hold: 10 Analysts
Sell: 3 Analysts
Strong Sell: 1 Analyst

These ratings reflect a complex perspective balancing optimism about growth and concerns about valuation.

Investor Sentiment and Consensus

Investor sentiment towards CrowdStrike swings with market trends, earnings reports, and broader economic factors. Thanks to strategic acquisitions and steady financial performance, CrowdStrike maintains positive sentiment and favorable evaluation among long-term investors.

The consensus among investors is that there’s significant upside potential to CrowdStrike stock because of the ongoing digital transformation and increasing demand for cybersecurity. However, opinions are divided based on risk tolerance and investment timeframes.

Investors are optimistic about the company’s future trajectory but express concerns about market volatility and competitive pressure in the technology sector.

Market Comparison

In evaluating CrowdStrike against other tech-driven enterprises and broader market indices, you’ll see how this cybersecurity leader fares.

Comparison with Competitors

In the realm of cybersecurity, CrowdStrike locks horns with corporations like Palo Alto Networks (PANW), Salesforce, and ServiceNow. Known for their advanced threat detection abilities, each has carved out a niche in the competitive landscape.

Palo Alto Networks (PANW) excels in network security, striking contrast to CrowdStrike’s focus on endpoint security. This diversity offers investors tailored cybersecurity solutions based on specific needs.

Salesforce and ServiceNow, known primarily for customer relationship management and IT services respectively, are expanding their reach to cybersecurity. Salesforce provides robust, cloud-based security capabilities while ServiceNow offers integrated security solutions.

What sets CrowdStrike apart is the scalability and advanced threat intelligence offered by their cloud-native platform, making it the best choice for companies seeking specialized endpoint security solutions.

Comparison with Broader Market Indices

When benchmarking CrowdStrike against broader market indices like the S&P 500 or NASDAQ, it becomes evident that tech stocks are driving substantial growth.

Performance-wise, CrowdStrike’s stock price is demonstrating impressive growth compared to traditional market indices. Analysts reflect bullish sentiments, forecasting a peak of close to $380.62 in 2025.

In terms of market capitalization, CrowdStrike stands favorably within the tech scene. While broader indices cover a myriad of industries, CrowdStrike’s growth is contained within a niche sector, reaping benefits from the rising demand for cybersecurity solutions.

As for volatility, tech stocks, including CrowdStrike, are prone to erratic movements. This volatility can be attributed to rapid innovation, regulatory changes, and competitive pressures within the tech industry.

Overall, CrowdStrike, with its compelling performance and position as a leader in cybersecurity, is an appealing stock within the technology field and its broader market context.

Analyst Recommendations and Target Price Changes

Evaluating the stock market involves certain complexities, specifically when it comes to Analyst Recommendations and Target Price Changes. A plethora of factors like revised estimates, market trends, and industry advancements all play pivotal roles. Let’s dive deeper into the world of “crwd 株価”.

Upgrades and Downgrades

Assessing the CrowdStrike’s market position necessitates staying abreast of frequent analyst upgrades and downgrades. Analysts at Wedbush, for example, enhanced their valuation of CRWD stock, reflecting their increased confidence in the company’s performance. In contrast, Guggenheim adjusted its forecast, announcing new ratings.

Mizuho downgraded CrowdStrike’s rating, recognizing risks inherent in the cybersecurity market. Kantor Fitzgerald also reconsidered its rating, intensifying caution among investors. Yet, both FBN Securities and DA Davidson maintain an optimistic stance due to high profit potential.

Wall Street Analyst Insights

Analyst target prices for CRWD vary significantly. They range from Mizuho’s conservative estimate of $370 to the more bullish $425 prediction by Wedbush. An average 12-month target price stands at $400.4, reflecting moderate optimism towards CrowdStrike’s future.

Both BMO Capital Markets and JMP Securities anticipate the stock reaching approximately $399.22. Rosenblatt Securities and Scotiabank deliver more bullish predictions, setting a target price around $435. Guggenheim, however, maintains a balanced viewpoint, considering both potential growth and risks in the sector.

Updates on the CrowdStrike Holdings’ stock price forecast and CRWD predictions are imperative for informed investment decisions. You, as an investor, can use this insight alongside other tools in your arsenal to guarantee optimized investment strategies and outcomes.

CrowdStrike’s Business Products and Innovations

Diving deeper into what makes CrowdStrike a formidable player in the cybersecurity sector, we shift our focus to the company’s innovative products and services.

Endpoint Security Solutions

Center stage in CrowdStrike’s product lineup is their Endpoint Security Solutions. The key offering here is the Falcon Platform. It combines the power of next-generation antivirus, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), and managed threat hunting. Falcon sets itself apart from traditional antivirus tools by using a small amount of system resources, allowing your devices to maintain their performance while ensuring robust security.

The Falcon Platform harnesses machine learning and behavioral analytics to identify threats. It covers a large spectrum of threats: from standard virus detection right through to managing advanced attacks such as ransomware or fileless malware.

One significant advantage of the Falcon Platform’s cloud-native architecture is its scalability. You can quickly deploy it across multiple endpoints, scaling your security measures in line with your business growth. This platform gives you real-time visibility and control of all endpoints, identifying and mitigating risks before they escalate into bigger issues.

Threat Intelligence Services

CrowdStrike also offers comprehensive Threat Intelligence Services, providing detailed information on the latest cyber threats. CrowdStrike’s Falcon X automates threat analysis and integrates threat intelligence directly into your workflow.

Falcon X aids in understanding the nature of the threat by providing context about the attack methodologies, threat actors, and potential impacts. This service goes beyond basic threat detection – it assists in predicting and preventing future attacks.

Cybersecurity analysts at CrowdStrike continuously update their threat database, ensuring you always stay updated about the current threat landscape. With this valuable information at your disposal, you can make more informed decisions about your security posture and prioritize your response to the most critical threats.

The combination of their innovative Endpoint Security Solutions and comprehensive Threat Intelligence Services ensure that CrowdStrike remains a leader in providing secure, efficient cybersecurity solutions. The company’s commitment to innovation, robust product line, and customer-centric approach underpins its continued success and growth.

Potential Risks and Challenges

CrowdStrike, referred to as “crwd 株価” in the stock exchange, faces several challenges in the unpredictable cybersecurity industry. This section uncovers the competitive risks and regulatory considerations that could pose hurdles in CrowdStrike’s path.

Competitive Risks

In the cybersecurity industry, CrowdStrike faces stiff competition from firms such as Palo Alto Networks and Cisco Systems. These competitors offer similar security solutions, magnifying price pressure and potentially shrinking market share.

To keep on top, CrowdStrike’s need for constant innovation can’t be overstressed. If it fails to adapt to new threats or lags in developing new features, its reputation might take a hit. Further, some competitors boast abundant resources for research and development, possibly putting them at an advantage.

Vendor consolidation also represents a risk. Companies may prefer comprehensive solutions from a single provider over specialized services, negatively affecting demand for CrowdStrike’s services. Understanding these factors proves critical for accurately evaluating CrowdStrike’s future growth prospects.

Economic and Regulatory Considerations

Recessions lead to a reduction in IT spending, potentially affecting CrowdStrike’s revenue. In financially unstable times, companies might delay or cut back on cybersecurity investments. While security is considered vital, budget cuts might force firms to prioritize other expenditures.

Regulatory changes pose another risk. New data privacy laws or alterations to existing regulations might necessitate significant adjustments in CrowdStrike’s data management and operational methods. Compliance costs could increase, impacting profitability.

On top of that, geopolitical tensions could disrupt supply chains or erect barriers to market entry in certain regions. Such global events could influence CrowdStrike’s customer base expansion and revenue generation capabilities outside the US.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve learned a lot about CrowdStrike Holdings, or “crwd 株価” as it’s known in the stock exchange. The company’s innovative use of AI and machine learning in its Falcon platform has led to impressive earnings and a successful IPO. Yet it’s important to remember that stock market investments always come with risks, and CrowdStrike is no exception. While its future looks promising, with analysts predicting strong revenue growth and a healthy EPS, the volatile tech market and intense competition could impact its performance.

CrowdStrike’s focus on endpoint security and threat intelligence sets it apart from competitors, but it also faces challenges in the form of potential recessions, changes in data privacy laws, and competition from other tech giants. As an investor, it’s crucial to stay informed about these factors and adjust your investment strategy accordingly.

Remember, the stock market is a complex entity, and while technical analysis tools can provide insights, they can’t predict the future with absolute certainty. So, whether you decide to “Buy”, “Hold”, or “Sell” your CrowdStrike shares, make sure you’re making an informed decision based on the most current and comprehensive data available.

What is CrowdStrike Holdings Inc. known as in the stock exchange?

CrowdStrike Holdings Inc is known as “crwd 株価” in the stock exchange.

What does CrowdStrike’s Falcon platform provide?

CrowdStrike’s Falcon platform provides endpoint security and threat intelligence using AI and machine learning technologies.

What kind of growth is CrowdStrike Holdings Inc. experiencing?

CrowdStrike is experiencing impressive earnings growth, with analysts predicting the revenue to reach 300 billion yen and EPS around 2.40 billion yen by the end of 2025.

What are some of the investor concerns regarding CrowdStrike?

Investors are concerned about market volatility and competitive pressures in the tech sector that might impact CrowdStrike’s performance.

Who are some of CrowdStrike’s competitors in the cybersecurity realm?

Some of CrowdStrike’s competitors in the cybersecurity realm include Palo Alto Networks, Salesforce, and ServiceNow.

What factors make CrowdStrike a preferred choice for cybersecurity solutions?

CrowdStrike’s focus on endpoint security and advanced threat intelligence, coupled with innovative solutions such as the Falcon Platform, position it as a preferred choice for specialized cybersecurity solutions.

What are some potential risks and challenges for CrowdStrike?

Potential risks and challenges include competition from other firms, economic factors such as recessions impacting IT spending, and regulatory changes in data privacy laws.

How do analyst recommendations and target price changes impact CrowdStrike’s market position?

Analyst recommendations and target price changes reflect varying levels of confidence in CrowdStrike’s performance and provide insights into the company’s potential market position and future stock price.

What services does CrowdStrike offer through Falcon X?

Through Falcon X, CrowdStrike offers Threat Intelligence Services that automate threat analysis and integrate threat intelligence to predict and prevent future attacks.