Mastering NHL DraftKings: Unleash Your Inner Team Manager


Ever dreamt of building your own dream team and watching them conquer the NHL? With DraftKings, you’re not far from turning that dream into reality. This platform has revolutionized the way we engage with sports, allowing you to delve into the world of fantasy hockey like never before.

Imagine stepping into the shoes of a General Manager, strategizing your picks based on real-time player performance and statistics. DraftKings’ NHL fantasy league offers you that thrill, keeping you on the edge of your seat as each game unfolds.

Understanding NHL DraftKings

Dive deeper into the specifics and workings of this popular fantasy sports platform, particularly its NHL segment.

What Is NHL DraftKings?

NHL DraftKings, a key offering of the DraftKings platform, allows users to partake in NHL fantasy leagues. Participants form personal dream teams, selecting a roster of real NHL athletes. Through this engagement, you get a taste of managing a team that’s linked to the real-time performance and statistics of professional hockey players. NHL DraftKings, apart from being an avenue for leisure and fanship, presents an opportunity for financial gains for its users.

How It Works?

Anyone interested in NHL DraftKings begins by setting up an account on the DraftKings platform. The next step involves joining contests in the NHL category. Participants can either choose ‘Best DraftKings lineup’ or they can create their own. Like in any real hockey league, each player’s performance affects the team’s formation and the overall score. Users have to stay updated with ‘NHL DraftKings’ scores and tweak their lineup as needed for the best possible outcome. Throughout the NHL season, maintaining an efficient, high-performing team requires frequent adjustments.

It’s critical to note that participants can review the performance of their selected lineups in the ‘DraftKings Lobby’ section. Relevant updates, including player statistics and league standings, can be found here, ensuring players never miss a beat in the race to the top.

Please note: DraftKings availability and legality may vary between states. Always verify whether your location allows DraftKings participation before signing up.

Key Strategies for NHL DraftKings

For the uninitiated, mastering NHL DraftKings may seem an uphill task. Regardless of this perception, there exist proven strategies that increase your chances of winning in NHL DraftKings contests.

Research and Analysis

For successful gameplay, unsurprisingly, research and analysis rank high among necessary preparations. In NHL DraftKings, understanding player performance statistics takes time and dedication. As a player, you’ll need to analyze each player’s strength accurately, gauging how it aligns with the opposing team’s weaknesses. Player injuries, suspensions, and trades all significantly impact the result of each NHL round. Therefore, staying updated with NHL news allows for more informed decisions at the ‘DraftKings Lobby.’

It’s also critical to review past results of the NHL teams and players you’re considering. Formulate your strategies based on factors like player performance trends and recent injuries. Number-driven decisions often have a better outcome in NHL DraftKings. For example, selecting a goalie, one of the most crucial positions in NHL DraftKings, is best done through a careful review of games saved versus goals allowed statistics.

Managing Your Budget

Entering contests in NHL DraftKings also necessitates savvy financial management. Remember, it’s not about having the best lineup always but about how your lineup performs relative to its cost. Therefore, finding value in less expensive players is crucial to managing your lineup’s total cost effectively.

Consider how much you’re willing to spend on each contest. It’s sensible not to place all your budget in high stakes contests where the competition is stiffer. Instead, you’re better off participating in a variety of contests with varying entry fees. This approach serves to mitigate risk, yet it still allows for the potential earning from higher stakes contests.

Keep close track of your winnings and losses. It’s not just about playing; it’s about knowing when to adjust or halt your stakes. Bear in mind that, just as with any investment, the principle of high reward often comes with significant risk.

Understanding these strategies lowers the stakes and enhances your NHL DraftKings experience. The thrill of the game doesn’t have to be paired with overwhelming intricacies. By applying these strategies, you’re now better positioned to make more informed and rewarding choices in your NHL DraftKings contests.

Popular Players in NHL DraftKings

Continuing our discussion on NHL DraftKings, let’s delve deeper into the players that have dominated this fantasy league. This section elaborates on top picks in the game, their noteworthy stats, and outstanding performances. Additionally, we’ll highlight several underrated players who possess immense potential in DraftKings contests.

Top Picks and Their Stats

In any DraftKings contest, the player selection swings the pendulum of success. Etching out a strategy demands a comprehensive understanding of player stats.

For instance, consider players like Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers. These two not only rule the rink in real-life NHL matches, they carry their dominion into the fantasy world as well. Let’s use McDavid as an example. In the 2019-2020 season, McDavid reported an average of 1.52 points per game, with 34 goals and 63 assists in 64 games. Crosby is another top pick, demonstrating consistent performance with an average of 1.28 points per game in the same season.

Player Points per game Goals Assists Games Played
Sidney Crosby 1.28 22 24 36
Connor McDavid 1.52 34 63 64

Underrated Players to Consider

Not just top-rated players, strategic insights can also be drawn by exploring underrated players. These players usually offer great value, keeping your budget balanced while delivering desirable outcomes.

A case in point is Joonas Korpisalo from the Columbus Blue Jackets. Despite being less prominent than the likes of Crosby or McDavid, Korpisalo has shown remarkable promise and is noted for his cost-effectiveness in NHL DraftKings. Another underrated player worth considering is Elias Lindholm from the Calgary Flames. Known for his stability and consistency, Lindholm produced 0.76 points per game during the 2019-2020 season.

Player Points per game Goals Assists Games Played
Joonas Korpisalo
Elias Lindholm 0.76 29 25 70

In NHL DraftKings, understanding players’ stats and potential is paramount. It not only dictates the success of contests but also maintains the thrill and excitement integral to managing your dream team.

Tools and Resources

Delve deeper into the exciting world of NHL DraftKings with our guide to essential tools and resources. This guide not only helps you understand the premises of the game but guides you into making the most informed decisions.

Useful Apps and Websites

There are a wealth of useful apps and websites available that can help you ace your NHL DraftKings strategy. Notably, ‘DraftKings Lobby’ serves as a comprehensive hub for all your gaming needs, including NHL. It’s a one-stop-shop for entering contests, managing your lineups, as well as tracking performance. Another resource is ‘DraftKings my contests’ which lists all the contests you’re participating in, their performance statistics, and potential winnings.

Additionally, for a detailed breakdown of player statistics, visit trusted websites like For real-time updates on player injuries and analysis, resources like Rotoworld are a go-to choice. Integration of such resources optimizes your decision-making process in NHL DraftKings.

Tips from Top Players

Drawing insights from the strategies of seasoned NHL DraftKings players, such as understanding the best DraftKings lineup, could be highly beneficial. Top players place emphasis on diving deep into player statistics, tracking game trends, and understanding matchup potentials. Noteworthy to mention, the value of small risks for higher rewards is a common sentiment echoed by many successful players.

Furthermore, it’s considered valuable to participate in a mix of contests, from head-to-head games to tournaments, in order to better gauge your strategy’s effectiveness. Moreover, tracking your own winnings and losses, akin to a self-audit, often emerges as a key practice recommended by veterans of NHL DraftKings.

While there are numerous useful tools and resources at your disposal, integrating and understanding these effectively can enhance your NHL Draftkings experience exponentially.


You’ve now got a solid grasp of the NHL DraftKings landscape. You understand the thrill that comes with managing your dream team and how strategic planning can lead to success. You’ve been introduced to key players, both popular and underrated and you’re more familiar with essential tools and resources. You’ve learned how deep analysis, understanding game trends, and taking calculated risks can pay off. Remember, it’s not just about winning but also about the enjoyment of the game. Keep participating in various contests and self-auditing your performance. Use this knowledge to your advantage and you’ll find that your NHL DraftKings experience is not only rewarding but also a lot of fun. It’s your time to step into the virtual rink and show what you’ve got.

1. How has DraftKings changed sports engagement, specifically for NHL?

DraftKings has enhanced spectator engagement by introducing fantasy hockey, where fans live the excitement of managing teams based on real player performances. Tools like ‘DraftKings Lobby’ and ‘DraftKings my contests’ additionally allow tracking and statistical analysis, increasing engagement.

2. What are some key strategies for success in NHL DraftKings?

Main strategies include performing thorough research, efficiently handling the budget, and keeping track of wins and losses. Also, understanding game trends, player statistics, and potential matchups play a significant part in strategizing.

3. Are there specific players to focus on in NHL DraftKings?

While popular players like Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid are often chosen, underrated players like Joonas Korpisalo and Elias Lindholm can also bring significant value to a fantasy team.

4. What resources can enhance the NHL DraftKings experience?

Along with DraftKings’ own tools, trusted sites like and Rotoworld offer player statistics and injury updates, which can be essential for decisions. Analyzing data and understanding game trends is encouraged.

5. What is the value of risk-taking in NHL DraftKings?

Top players recommend calculated risks, as they may lead to higher rewards. While risky moves may result in losses, they can also result in significantly higher winnings if they pay off.