Why OANDA Stands Out as a Trusted Crypto Trading Platform

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With over 560 million people owning one or more currencies, the cryptocurrency market has grown into a significant financial business, with many financial companies offering crypto trading platforms, wallets, and other associated products and services. For traders, finding the ideal balance of safety, dependability, and flexibility makes all the difference when trading cryptocurrencies.


Premier Trading Platform

OANDA, a leading financial services company founded in 1996, provides traders with unique and robust access to global financial markets. As a global leader in CFD solutions, it allows traders to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies via the proprietary crypto trading platform and third-party connected platforms like TradingView, MetaTrader 4, and MetaTrader 5. 

Trusted by thousands of corporate and private clients, OANDA has gradually gained recognition as a premier broker for the fast, stable, and efficient trading experience made possible by modern technologies such as cloud computing and customer-focused values.

The broker provides a robust suite of trading tools tailored to fit the modern and dynamic demands of financial trading and online investment. These tools allow traders to manage various assets and investments easily and from one place, and for these reasons, OANDA stands out for trust and reliability among other brokers.

Regulated in Several Countries

Regulatory oversight is an essential factor that traders consider before trusting a broker; they want to know that a broker answers to government authority and is responsible for the safety and fairness of their platforms. Oanda takes this seriously and is regulated by seven Tier-1 regulators.

These regulators include the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC), Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization (CIRO), Japanese Financial Services Authority (JFSA), Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), and the European Union via the MiFID passporting system. Although regulatory standards differ slightly between regions, customers are assured of trading conditions that are acceptable across those regions.

Excellent Customer Support

In pursuance of its customer-focused service approach, OANDA operates an excellent customer support system where customers and intending customers can receive answers and get queries resolved quickly. The customer service agents are accessible via email, phone, and live chat in multiple languages.

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Existing customers can resolve challenges by setting up their trading area and trading and related issues. In contrast, prospective customers can find information about its services via customer support and open and trade demo accounts, and they can discuss them with the sales team. This way, OANDA helps everyone who reaches out to build trust and confidence, knowing they are a priority.

Partnership With Paxos

The cryptocurrency trading service of OANDA partners with Paxos Trust Company, a New York-based blockchain and digital assets solutions company. This partnership allows traders to explore crypto spot trading through Paxo’s native exchange, itBit, which the New York Department of Financial Services regulates.

This partnership provides reputable and trustworthy access to the crypto market, increasing traders’ trust and satisfaction with OANDA. It also underscores the platform’s commitment to innovation and offers traders access to the latest trading opportunities while maintaining the strict standards of OANDA’s ecosystem.

Paxos’ itBit crypto exchange provides advanced supervision, deep liquidity, multilayered security, maker rebates, and low cryptocurrency fees. These added benefits help traders maximize their returns when trading spot on crypto.

User-Friendly Platform

The trading platform is designed to enhance trading skills. Whether it’s the proprietary trading software or the mobile app, OANDA offers a robust platform with basic and advanced tools designed for the modern trader. The app balances functionality and aesthetics, making it easy for new and experienced traders to navigate markets and use and customize tools.

Traders will find OANDA reliable, especially with its third-party integration with MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and TradingView platforms, which extend trading functionality and experience. For traders who prefer, algo trading is also available via OANDA’s API. The platform also allows automated trading robots, allowing users incredible variation in trading methods.

Trading Education

Continuous education is another advantage that it has over many other trading platforms. OANDA provides trading guides, tutorials, webinars, and daily market analysis from award-winning analysts. 

All these are geared towards making clients profitable and increasing their trust in the platform. Using the training materials available on the platform, traders can go from novice to professional. When combined with comprehensive research and analysis, traders can supercharge their trading and maximize returns.

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Transparency and Security

OANDA ranks high in transparency and reliability with an overall Trust Score of 93 out of 99 on the ForexBrokers review platform. The broker also uses industry-standard security protocols to monitor and protect systems. From advanced threat protection (ATP) to fund segregation and cloud security to regular external audits, it ensures clients trade with the highest safety assurance and perform cashier activities (deposits and withdrawals) smoothly.

Trade With OANDA

The platform stands out in the crypto trading industry with a reputation for trust and reliability. The platform is available 24/7, providing access to trading spot crypto through the Paxos itBit platform. OANDA’s commitment to customer satisfaction drives the exciting features that enhance the trading experience, leaving clients satisfied and potentially profitable. Trading on OANDA means trading with the premier, trustworthy, reliable crypto platform in 2024.